What we need

The LVHS board continues to seek a permanent home for our collection. To that end, the board recently completed a survey provided to us by Main Street Oakland County, which helped us prioritize our needs.

Lathrup Village Historical Society

Space Needs Assessment

1.1 What are the top three missions/objectives of the Lathrup Village Historical Society?

                A. Preserve the history of Lathrup Village, celebrating its diversity while acknowledging the positives and negatives of its heritage.

                B. Preserve and protect the records bequeathed by the Lathrup Family.

                C. Share historical documents, artifacts, and stories with residents of Lathrup Village and other interested parties.

2.1 How can each of those missions/objectives best be accomplished and why do you believe this is the best way?

                A. Complete the archiving process and safeguard the collection while continuing to collect items from other sources. It is impossible to restore/preserve the records without adequate, sustainable space.  It is extremely expensive to be constantly moving from one donated space to another, as we have been throughout our short history as an organization, sometimes without reasonable heating, air conditioning and access.

                B.  Provide activities for members and the public to raise our profile as an organization, increase membership and promote our city’s unique history. Other than our blog and Facebook page, we are largely invisible in our current homeless state.

                C. Have a pleasant, permanent space that is handicap accessible that allows the public to access the collection and attend meetings and social events.  It hard to get people engaged in the history when it is not accessible.

3.1 What are the three most pressing needs and why are they most pressing?

                A. A permanent home to protect the archives and provide space for meetings and activities. We cannot currently access our collection, which is temporarily housed in the basement of the Southfield Public Library.

                B. A reliable revenue stream to continue our preservation work and provide a more stable future for the organization. Our archive was a tremendous gift from the Lathrup family, but we have struggled to provide for its safe future.

                C. More dues-paying, active members to spread the preservation message, assist with the archive, fund activities, and raise the Society’s profile.

4.1 Artifacts Collection Inventory

                A. List the types of artifacts with the collection: A large (uncounted) number of paper documents, photos, and maps. Also, some rolled blueprints and flat, poster-size renderings. A few architectural fragments, household goods such as dishes, 2 real-estate signs, a large collection of metal keys, a metal trunk, a small wooden shelving unit and a large oil painting.

                B.  With each type of artifact listed, note the storage method i.e. letter file cabinet; legal file;  

     flat file, cabinet, etc.: 20 file cabinets, including 14 legal or letter cabinets, 4 lateral cabinets, and 2 large flat-file cabinets. Miscellaneous items in banker boxes.

C. List quantities and sizes of paper/ photos: Unknown, filling 20 file cabinets.

D. List 3-dimensional objects and sizes (H x W x D):

Huge 4’ x 9’ oil painting.

Large, laminated map, about 3 x 4’.

2 standard real-estate signs on metal legs.

Wooden and metal architectural fragments (none larger than 2 x 3’).

China and glass dishes.

Perhaps 2 dozen posters, approximately 2 x 3’.

Rolled blueprints, approximately 2-3’ long (most are in file drawers, a few are not).

One metal trunk approximately 2 x 4’.

A wooden shelving unit, approximately 2 x 4’.

Miscellaneous banker-size boxes of supplies.

2 boxes of scrapbooks.

E. Other objects that require special spaces i.e. autos, appliances, furniture, etc.: Small refrigerator, 7 chairs. Room for a desk for laptop computer and printer. Room for a conference table. (We currently do not have a table or desk).

5.1 List any special environment requirements you would like to see: HVAC. Handicap accessible. Restroom available, clean, and accessible.

6.1 List any security needs in the facilities and operations: Locking door, secure windows, a safe space for historic records to be kept.

7.1 List all spaces you would like to see: File room, meeting space, storage closet, display area. A coat closet would be nice. Our file cabinets alone take up 105 square feet. We feel we need at least 700 square feet of space.

One thought on “What we need

  1. If securing space is the primary objective, have the following been considered:
    -request space in the Lathrup Village Municipal building?
    -rent space in a building on Southfield road that has been unoccupied for a long period of time – negotiate low monthly rate.
    -If the LVHS is not a 501-C3, do so for tax exemptions.


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